Teaching English (kartoniertes Buch)

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Einband: kartoniertes Buch
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This introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language bridges the gap between theoretical approaches to foreign Language teaching and the needs of students, teacher trainees, TEFL lecturers, and those teaching at the classroom level. It introduces and reflects on major issues and current trends in Language learning and teaching, such as the turns toward constructivism, differentiation, empiricism, output-orientation, inter-/transcultural learning, and multimedia. The balance of reflection and practice in each chapter enables a flexible use of this book in inductive or deductive teaching approaches. Each chapter comes with a thought-provoking cartoon, key concepts, recommended reading, study questions, and rewarding examples of classroom activities for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Additional material in the form of PowerPoint-Presentations for teaching TEFL and pdf-files for learners will be provided online. The complete bibliography, additional examples, and a German-English glossary compiled by C. Juchem-Grundmann will also be available online.
Inhaltsangabe1. The framework: history and politics 2. Challenges of the teaching profession 3. TEFL as a transdisciplinary project 4. From methods to principles 5. Grammar and vocabulary 6. Language competences, learning strategies, and the individual learner 7. Intercultural and transcultural learning 8. Literature matters 9. Media: a balanced approach 10. Lesson planning and classroom management 11. Materials design 12. Assessment and evaluation